Powered Parachutes

Flight Concepts entered the Powered Parachute market in 1994. Since that time we have developed a long reputable line of reliable Powered Parachutes. It is our endeavor to continue to development Faster and Higher Lift Wings. Our latest release, The Renegade features stiffened leading edges and stiffened ribs. This allows for quick easy inflation’s that dramatically reduces takeoff distances. This 500 sq. ft. wing was tested with over 1000 lbs.. We will continue to develop new and exciting products for your flying pleasure. Please feel free to visit to see our manufacturing facility.

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Model Area Span Chord Max Suspended Weight (lbs.)
Renegade 450 450 35.8 12.6 700
Renegade 500 500 38.8 12.9 850
Renegade 550 550 39.9 13.8 935
Genesis 450 450 35.8 12.6 700
Genesis 500 500 38.8 12.9 850